About Jaibalaji Translogistics

We do not just provide service, We provide Solutions


Jaibalaji Translogistics Pvt. Ltd. founded and established as a Transport and logistics organization. The company's main focus is to provide excellent and uncompromised transport and logistics services through its established network all over India.

As the prices are continue in the higher side where our motto to help to our customer to how manage the cost with in their budget and keep this under control and making it win –win situation through our excellent experience, high quality assistance in planning, organizing and controlling new supply chain concepts utilizing technology.

Jaibalaji Translogistics Pvt. Ltd. has taken a customized, single sourced approach to its Services by offering companies a wide range of options and allowing them to pick and choose those services that are most beneficial for their companies.

Finally, although we recommend best practices, Jaibalaji Translogistics Pvt. Ltd. does not dictate how our Products & Services will be implemented, but would rather customize them to fit the customer's business.


Our mission to provide the safe , error free and dedicated services to our customer all over India.

We deliver value to our customer by provide them the most reliable and uncompromised service and transport and distribution solutions.


Our vision is our reflection who we are optmistic,delivering result and working as a team from top to bottom.

With this confidence we always come out from obstacles and delivering results.

This is only the special mark who differentiate us from our competitor and other service providers.


  • Total no Branches 04
  • Having the warehouse contacts so we can provide the space as per the requirements.
  • We are having no 50 own vehicle.
  • First we understand the customer requirement and provide the solution accordingly.
  • Excellent customer service working in the shifts.
  • Excellent vehicle based other then our fleet.
  • We are expert in the dealing with all kind of activity at the ports clearance for import and export goods.
  • We are having around 100 contractual vehicle .
  • We treat every customer like our guest and make them as part of our family and serve them accordingly.